About the conference

The Jerusalem Massortiyut Conference is an annual platform for discussion and expansion of the idea of​​ Massortiyut as a complete and dynamic worldview that offers an essential remedy for Israeli society. This is a high point in ongoing processes throughout the year for those who wish to put thought into action and influence what is happening in Israeli society and among the Jewish People.

The conference was born out of a collaboration between the Tikun movement and Yad Ben-Zv,i and was held for the first time at Yad Ben-Zvi in ​​Jerusalem in October 2021. The second conference will deal with diverse issues on Israel’s current agenda, including education and society, statehood, the Jewish people, culture and art, and the idea of shared society. Special emphasis will be given to the city of Jerusalem as a space that maintains a unique language created by the ongoing everyday relationships between various communities and identities living together in Jerusalem over the years.

The conference consists of talks, discussions, lectures, performances, workshops and exhibitions, in a unique combination that reflects the concept of dynamic traditional inclusive culture within the structure of the conference.

The conference will be held with the collaboration and support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Foundation, and the Ministry for Social Equality, with the participation of organizations leading many initiatives in this field of Massortiyut in recent decades.

We see the conference as a permanent annual platform that enables deep learning, clarification, and long-term follow-up of the insights and conclusions that emerge from the discussions, in order to generate valuable processes in Israeli society and among the Jewish People.

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